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The Assault AirBike Elite takes interval training to the next level, with a smooth ride, ergonomic design, and enhanced console capabilities that deliver an intense and refined workout experience. Individualised and infinite adjustments allow exercisers to keep it mellow and level to target a heart rate, or jump to high intensity interval training for a serious workout.


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A remarkable feature, the AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint. You’ll be amazed at what a hardcore workout can come from the power of your own two feet. Because the Assault team knows the effectiveness of interval training, this treadmill was designed with HIIT in mind. Burning more calories than a motorized treadmill, users can change speeds at will. In addition, this badboy has no maximum speed, so feel free to push it as hard as possible.


AMT 885_Side_GMS For once, one-size-fits-all is not a compromise in performance. The engineered flexibility built into the AMT means that no exerciser has to spend time adjusting the equipment or settling for a machine that doesn’t quite fit. This AMT with Open Stride fits virtually every exerciser regardless of size and fitness level, while providing an infinite range of motion paths that will deliver the workout they want


DPL0624 Squat Machine

Proper form during squats is essential to protect yourself from injuries, particularly to your back and knees. Developing proper form takes practice and requires good core stability as well as adequate hip, knee, spine, and ankle mobility. Before adding weight to your squats, you’ll want to perform them with bodyweight alone until you can execute the full movement with proper form. As you progress toward free-weight squats with dumbbells or a barbell, the squat machine is a useful piece of equipment for perfecting your form. It can also be a great tool for exercisers who are recovering from an injury and need a little extra support.

The squat machine helps exercisers develop proper form by keeping the motion path centered and balanced. With a barbell, it’s easy for an exerciser who is still developing basic core strength to lose their footing or have the bar sink to one side, which can lead to injury. The squat machine allows the lower-body muscles to move the same amount of weight that an exerciser might lift with a barbell, but without the risk of dropping the equipment.

The  Plate Loaded Squat Machine closely mimics the muscular demands and user stabilization of a barbell squat, while providing the control needed to master the squat movement. The equipment can be intimidating to exercisers who have never used one before, but it’s easy to operate once you see how it functions. Its unique pivot system, ergonomic design, contoured shoulder pads, and intuitive positioning make it a comfortable and straightforward piece of equipment for new and experienced exercisers alike.


EFX 885 Side GMSThe patented elliptical path follows a natural running stride with movement that allows the user’s feet to converge towards the midline of their body. Users can isolate or cross-train specific lower-body muscle groups simply by adjusting the angle of the ramp, making targeting different muscle groups easy, encouraging training variance and propelling results. The patented elliptical path follows a natural running stride with movement that allows the user’s feet to converge toward the midline of their body.


SPINNER Chrono_frontangleThe Spinner Chrono distances itself from the pack of indoor cycles that measure power by offering a hassle-free experience for operators, instructors and riders alike, all while staying true to the iconic feel of a Spinnerâ bike. With direct power measurement, patent-pending magnetic resistance and the brightest console back light in the industry — with no batteries to change–the Spinner Chrono Power bike will exceed expectations.


TRM 885_3Q_GMSFeaturing Ground Effects Impact Controlâ system (GFX) this patented system combines ideal cushioning, support and stability for exercisers. The treadmill decks are designed to provide more absorption in the front where your feet hit the belt and add rigidity at the back for a firm push-off.

In addition this treadmill includes the unique patented Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) which recognises your individual natural foot speeds and matches every stride for an ultra-smooth feel that enhances the workout experience.



P62_Welcome-English-120717This awesome console found on our new AMTs, EFX Elliptical and TRM 885 Treadmills is sure to impress and have you engaged in your work outs.Features Include:

  • TV
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Web Browsing

These consoles also include RunTV which gives you expert coaching, documentaries, feature films, interactive workouts and more. When using interactive workouts the equipment’s resistance and incline function will interact with the video you see on the screen. With options such as Mountain Trail, Beach, Lake Run (to name a few) you’ll feel like you’ve been transported from the gym to an outdoor experience.

If that’s not enough these consoles also work with the free to download Preva fitness app. With this app as your personal fitness co-pilot you can connect to any compatible machine from your smart phone to track your progress, set goals, save your favourite workouts and earn fun badges for your achievements. Once you’ve set up your Preva account you will only need to sign into apps on the console once and be able to start exercising faster for your future workouts.